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Welcome to Open Dor

Open Dor is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation that reaches out to unaffiliated and marginally active Jews, as well as to non-Jews who are part of the Jewish family through marriage to a Jew or through Jewish ancestry, aiming to increase their participation in Jewish learning and culture.


A lively discussion-based intro to Jewish life

5 interactive sessions - Fall 2018 dates TBA

Location convenient to the Red Line - free parking

If you are:

  • considering conversion
  • Jewish with a non-Jewish partner (both welcome!)
  • a Hebrew school dropout or no-show
  • of Jewish ancestry, wanting to explore your heritage
  • just Jewishly curious, whether Jewish or not


From Egypt to Mount Sinai:

Revisiting the Spring Pilgrimage Festivals


6 Tuesday mornings at 10 am or Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm

Classes begin on March 6-7, and conclude the week of April 17-18, with no classes on March 27-28 (break midway for Passover preparation!)

Beginning with Biblical and rabbinic texts, we will trace the origins and evolution of spring holidays and practices, including Passover, the Omer, and Shavuot. How and why have these traditions changed since Temple times, and what is their relevance for us today? Which of our observances such as conducting a seder, counting the Omer, and eating dairy on Shavuot serve as commemorations, and which are re-enactments? What Jewish values and enduring universal principles have come to be reflected in these holidays?

For further information or registration, please contact Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County at 301-652-2606 or online.


Personal Guidance available for your Jewish Journey

       Conversion • Counseling • Teaching • Life cycle events

Questions? or 240-395-0454

Rabbi Avis Miller

President, Open Dor Foundation, Inc.